I’m trying to not get wildly upset at the SCCC administrators about their totally useless tutor training. The most difficult part of my grumpy energy is that I don’t even know who to direct my comments towards; everyone I’ve tried to communicate with has pointed me to someone else. It almost feels as if they are playing a bureaucratic trick, dangling a treat in front of me as I leap through hoop after hoop like a miniature horse.

The obsession with education psychology has really gotten out of hand–instead of addressing systemic inequalities, educators replace these difficult subjects with frilly, feel-good psychobabble on “self-regulated learning.”

Of course, the systemic inequalities critique would require some self-regulated privilege checks, not to mention some reverse brainwashing.



A writing consultant just mentioned journaling. I admit that I have a terrible memory. I should journal, just like I should keep a dream diary and a biorhythmic chart. I know he’s right. I would journal on the computer since I am on the internet all day long, but I always want to talk about people that I know. Sometimes the commentary is innocuous, other times people trigger responses that should remain private. Another excuse to compulsively collect notebooks.