Jesse Simone Rice-Evans
(910) 622-3922


Ph.D. in English | Composition & Rhetoric, CUNY Graduate Center, expected 2022 | GPA: 4.0

Student Mentor, 2018-2020 | Co-Chair, GC Poetics Group, 2019-2021 | Co-Chair, CompComm, 2020-2022 | Accessibility Ad Hoc Committee, 2020-present | Disability Justice Rhetorics, Access Pedagogy and Instructional Design | Dissertation Committee: Kandice Chuh, Carmen Kynard, Amy Wan, Cathy Davidson

M.A. in Language & Literacy, City College of New York, 2017 | GPA: 4.0

Summa Cum Laude | Focus: Genre Studies, Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Center Pedagogy | President, Institute for the Emergence of 21st-Century Literacies, 2016-2017 | Courses: Composition Pedagogies, The Teaching of Composition and Literature, How the Eye Writes: Living in a Visual World, Basic Writing Theory & Practice, Race & Gender Theory in the Undergraduate Humanities Classroom 

Writing and Pedagogy Experience:

Web Development and Documentation Fellow, CUNY Humanities Alliance, August 2019 – present

Provide ongoing technical support for graduate teaching fellows and students at LaGuardia Community College, including digital pedagogy development, WordPress troubleshooting and network management, and sharing best practices for accessibility, navigability, and flexibility teaching online; developing new site architecture for revamped Humanities Alliance site layout, including curating standout content from previous courses, developing intuitive and simple menus, and centering web accessibility on the CUNY Academic Commons. 

Access Consultant, August 2018 – present

Co-Chair of English Student Association 2020 Conference Disability is Not A Metaphor: Access and Accessibility | Doctoral Student Association Accessibility Ad Hoc Committee 2020 – present | consulted on many CUNY projects, and other educational and cultural events in New York City, focusing on broad-scale access protocols for in-person and distance events during COVID-19 in particular 

Digital Pedagogy Fellow, OpenLab at City Tech, May 2018 – present

Workshop and Pedagogy Coordinator: Open Digital Pedagogy in Gateway Courses; Creating Your Course Site; Working With Your Students; Supporting Student Success; Getting Started on the OpenLab; Designing and Assessing Student Work on the OpenLab; Grow Your Club on the OpenLab; Provide in-person and asynchronous support to faculty, staff, and student members on WordPress, BuddyPress, course architecture, accessibility, and others; develop, submit, and present at local and regional conferences. Collaborate on instructional design and materials for college-wide adoption of distance learning during COVID-19; create multimedia support, including screencasts, audio instructions, and interactive workshop materials focused on curriculum design for distance learning and digital pedagogy. 

Graduate Teaching Fellow and Adjunct Lecturer, City College of New York, August 2016 – June 2019

Recipient of 2017 Feder Pedagogical Enrichment Grant | ENGL 110: First-Year Writing | Freshman Inquiry Writing Seminar (FIQWS) 110: First-Year Writing | ENGL 210.07: Writing for Engineers | FIQWS 110: Self and Other in Literature | FIQWS 110: That’s So Gay!: An Introduction to Queer Texts in the US

Editorial Intern, Review of Disability Studies, The University of Hawaii at Manoa, May 2018 – August 2018

Develop and expand the journal’s creative and multimedia texts section, solicit texts from emerging writers in disability studies, collaborate with authors on long-term editing projects, participate in assigning and reviewing peer review documents and protocols, and attend editorial board meetings.

Select Research, Residencies, and Presentations:

Host & Conference Co-Chair, Access is Not a Metaphor | English Student Association, 2020 – canceled due to COVID-19 outbreak

Counselor, Camp Access | Upgrade Accessibility, 2020

Workshop Faculty, Poets House | Queer Poetics, summer 2020

Teaching the Femme Archive | Society for Disability Studies Conference, with Andréa Stella, April 4, 2020 – rescheduled due to COVID-19 outbreak

Performer, Geographies of Gender,  belladonna* collaborative reading, First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum, March 7, 2020

Open Pedagogy in the Classroom: Theory and Praxis | CUNY Coordinated Undergraduate Education Conference and OER Showcase, with City Tech OER Faculty Fellowship program, March 20, 2020 – rescheduled due to COVID-19 outbreak

Access, OER, and Open Pedagogy: City Tech’s OpenLab | CUNY Coordinated Undergraduate Education Conference and OER Showcase, with OpenLab Community Team, March 20, 2020 – rescheduled due to COVID-19 outbreak

Bridging Digital Gaps: Access on City Tech’s OpenLab | CUNY IT Conference, with OpenLab Community Team, December 5, 2019

Access Pedagogy, HASTAC Digital Fridays webinar, December 13, 2019

The OpenLab at City Tech: Community, Collaboration, and Access, CUNY DHI Lightning Talks, October 30, 2019

Current and Future Digital Projects at the CUNY Humanities Alliance, CUNY DHI Lightning Talks, October 30, 2019

HASTAC Scholar, 2019 – 2021

A Commons for Open Learning: Voices from New York City College of Technology’s OpenLab | CUNY Coordinated Undergraduate Education (CUE) Conference, with OpenLab Co-Directors and stakeholders
New York City College of Technology, 2019

Get Us Bodied: Experiments in Hybridity as Access in Crip/Queer/Crazy Bodies at the City College of New York | Computers and Writing Conference, with Andréa Stella, 2019

Performing Intersectionality in First Year Composition: Queer Theory, Feminism, and Embodiments | Conference on College Composition & Communication, with Andréa Stella, 2019

Between IRL and Digital Spaces: CUNY’s CompComm Faculty Playfully Collaborating | Computers and Writing Conference, Symposium on CUNY Graduate Students’ Pedagogical Strategies, 2018

Equity, Health, & Learning: Social Determinants of Academic Success | The Futures Initiative: A University Worth Fighting For, panelist, 2018

Opening the OpenLab at City Tech: Meeting CUNY’s Challenges | CUNY IT Conference, with OpenLab Community Team, 2018

Select Digital Projects:

See Digital Projects

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