Digital Projects

Screenshot of "Visible Pedagogy" site on the CUNY Commons, including the title Exploding Access: Trauma, Tech, and Embodiment
Visible Pedagogy: Exploding Access

Exploding Access: Trauma, Tech, and Embodiment | Guest Editor, Visible Pedagogy series | Graduate Center Teaching and Learning Center, 2019

Screenshot of Queer Dis-Composition on #WeirdTwitter project homepage
Queer Dis-Composition on #WeirdTwitter

Queer Dis-Composition on #WeirdTwitter |
Composition Pedagogies | Dr. Tom Peele, 2016

Collage of photos, including books "Heroines" by Kate Zambreno and "Crush" by Richard Siken alongside photos of the author as a teenager, and several photos of strange textures: a peeling wall, detritus at Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn, NY
Interactive Digital Memoir

Interactive Autoethnography: Re-Mediated Literacy Narrative |
How the Eye Writes: Visual Rhetorics | Dr. Mark McBeth, 2016

Screenshot of Activist Methodologies Compendium page "#BlackLivesMatter Memoir" including a meme by @femme4memes of Officer Jenny from Pokémon with rainbow block text above and below reading "respect pronouns not cops"
Activist Methodologies Compendium | #BlackLivesMatter Memoir

Activist Methodologies Compendium | Intersectionality and Activist Research in the Movement for Black Lives | Dr. Carmen Kynard, 2018

Cover screenshot of w|hole digital chapbook site
w|hole Chapbook Project

w|hole chapbook project, collecting work from Spring 2017 poetry workshop at the City College of New York with David Gross

Screenshot of That’s So Gay!: Queer Texts in the U.S. CUNY Academic Commons course site

That’s So Gay!: Queer Texts in the U.S. | OER-designated Freshman Inquiry Writing Seminar at CCNY | co-taught with Prof. Andréa Stella, 2018

Screencap from Dr. carmen Kynard's of a grid of bright red and multicolored photos of Jesse in a teal sweatshirt using a manual wheelchair. A text box rests off-center listing Jesse's writer bio.
Screenshot from JRE’s Self-Care, Femme Supremacist, Radical Resources portfolio on

JRE’s Self-Care, Femme Supremacist, Radical Resources | #BlackGirlMagic: @ the Intersections of Literacies, Pedagogies & Black Feminisms | Dr. Carmen Kynard, 2017