The Uninhabitable (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2019)


HONOR // SHAME (Gap Riot Press, 2018)

NOON (dancing girl press, 2018)

The Rotting Kind (Ghost City Press, 2017) (press release)

Soft Switch (Damaged Goods Press, 2016)

Recent & Forthcoming:

Two Poems at Burning House Press

“Wild Thing Interlude” (poetry) in HEAL(er) Magazine

“The Uninhabitable” (poetry) in Apogee

“Shiny Happy People” and “Immersive Empathy” (poetry) in Rag Queen Periodical

“Argonaut” (poetry) forthcoming in Agape Editions Blog

“The Pool” (poetry) forthcoming in Seafoam


“The Final One” (poetry) in SCUM

“Drag” (poetry) in Pigeonholes

“Men Explain Things to Me,” “Preservation,” “The Things You’ve Made Will Leave You,” “How Does Distance Look,” and “Life Signs” in Barking Sycamores

“Acne” and “Sanctuary” (poetry) in Peach Mag

“Astral Eddy Between Confluence of Self and Un-self,” “I want to wear makeup but I am afraid of beauty,” “Planted,” and “Aliens” (poetry) in Hypertrophic Lit

“Incivility,” “Bone Stuff,” “What I’m Losing,” and “More Like a Saga” (poetry) in The Wanderer

“How to be Impressive” and “Cervical Traction” (poetry) in tenderness yea

“Buck Moon” and “Overflow” (poetry) in Deaf Poets Society

“Snow Moon” (poetry) in Yes Poetry

“Bohemia Lies by the Sea” (poetry) from Moonchild Magazine

“Wolf Moon,” “Molting,” and “Rain, Glitter, Rain” (poetry) in Monstering

“This is not in praise of poisoning myself” (poetry) in Quaint Magazine

“Drawl” and “Genesis” (poetry) in Black Napkin Press


“Is this a coming out essay? / This is a coming-out essay” (nonfiction) in WUSSY Magazine

“Genre Anarchy: Queering Literacy” (nonfiction) in Entropy

“Between the Water and Me” and “Barnacle” (nonfiction) in Five:2:One Magazine

“Tender Limbs” (nonfiction) in Crab Fat Magazine


“I, Too, Am Ruining My Own Life” (book review) in Heavy Feather Review

“Kam Hilliard: ‘a city grrl lured,’ PERCEIVED DISTANCE FROM IMPACT” (review) in Heavy Feather Review