SLC Punk?

But where were all the punks? I saw lots of Mormons and their hundreds of children. There was a yummy Chinese restaurant with lots of vegetarian food that stayed open all day on Xmas (thanks!), and a movie theatre with an espresso machine.

But no punks.

Chett and I stayed in our teeny tiny AirBnb all day and watched movies. We gave each other some presents (Octavia Butler for me, a book on Native American mythology for him) and I tried to ignore the Mormons.

The views made that a lot easier.  The mountains ringing SLC are stunning. We drove in at night like we did in Denver, and again awoke to glorious snow capped vistas. I called them vistas; it might be the only accurate thing to say of the Utah Mountains.

Other than that, it’s a total wasteland out there. Thus further defending my theory that cultural centers must be founded and maintained by water (trade routes, long-term survival).

In Boise now. Already been to the two places in town that know what vegan food is. Looking forward to Seattle. I’ll leave it at that.


Pros: Free lunch! My friend Laura confirmed my suspicion that lots of people would buy me lunch and wine this week.

Cons: I have never received so many unsolicited opinions in my life (especially re: weather, city culture, traveling, etc). As if I barely scraped by in my life before I was gifted this advice.

Let this be a reminder to me to keep my mouth shut.


Oh, I got that internship in Seattle. The wild blog titles worked. I’ll be writing more blog stuff and learning a lot about stationery. (Apparently The Great Gatsby is in for 2014.)

And don’t worry, it’s a paid internship. I don’t work for free.


Going to live-blog the rest of the move. For those who are deeply interested in how I am spending my week.

Today: slept in very late like a teenager; worked on my writing sample; got Thai lunch with my bestie; got my neck rubbed; looked around at all the boxes in my apartment; listened to some R&B remixes; read some on the internet; looked out the window; drank some water; had a headache.

Yesterday we mailed 150 pounds of books to Seattle. It was surreal.


How do I apply for jobs in a city that I’ve never visited? I have to rely so heavily upon the internet and the integrity of the two-page document by which potential employers may gauge my abilities. I feel uneasy about leaving anything up to others, but are my resume and cover letter others? Or digital extensions of myself?

For the purposes of finding a cool job, I will imagine that they are the latter.


Been consumed by my personal statement. Decided, almost whimsily, to apply to a graduate English program in Seattle. Thinking a lot about what I can and cannot plan for when we travel so far west. Saving money. Wondering where it will come from next. 

Trying to refresh my memory of the course I taught as an undergraduate. Creative storytelling, disruption of genre, challenging the narrow confines that we try to shape words with. Why I like graphic novels, zines, democratization of publishing & literature. Too bad quality is sacrificed in this world.