Grad School

Everyone thinks I’m going to get into my grad program except me. In preparation for the inevitability of reapplying next year, I am reading Octavia Butler’s entire bibliography since I’ll write my (nonexistent) master’s thesis on her work and Afrofuturism.

I worry that grad school would cut into my dramatic network television watching though. Thinking of other ways to write and get paid that aren’t being an overqualified intern.

I’m funny! I vary my sentence structure! Pay me to write words!

Octavia Butler and Diversity in Sci-Fi | Tokyo Jupiter

A cool discussion of my girl Octavia and the exclusion of women and authors of color in speculative fiction.

Political science fiction is real and important, and sci-fi nerds need to join forces with social justice ideologies and actively advocate for non-white, non-male authors and narratives.

Afrofuturism, y’all.

Octavia Butler and the Question of Diversity in Sci-Fi | Tokyo Jupiter.