Pros: Free lunch! My friend Laura confirmed my suspicion that lots of people would buy me lunch and wine this week.

Cons: I have never received so many unsolicited opinions in my life (especially re: weather, city culture, traveling, etc). As if I barely scraped by in my life before I was gifted this advice.

Let this be a reminder to me to keep my mouth shut.



Oh, I got that internship in Seattle. The wild blog titles worked. I’ll be writing more blog stuff and learning a lot about stationery. (Apparently The Great Gatsby is in for 2014.)

And don’t worry, it’s a paid internship. I don’t work for free.


Going to live-blog the rest of the move. For those who are deeply interested in how I am spending my week.

Today: slept in very late like a teenager; worked on my writing sample; got Thai lunch with my bestie; got my neck rubbed; looked around at all the boxes in my apartment; listened to some R&B remixes; read some on the internet; looked out the window; drank some water; had a headache.

Yesterday we mailed 150 pounds of books to Seattle. It was surreal.


Working on some fake blog post titles for an internship opportunity in Seattle.

Deciding whether to be wildly outlandish or somewhat reserved.

Leaning hard towards the outlandish. Snarky is in, right?