Pros: Free lunch! My friend Laura confirmed my suspicion that lots of people would buy me lunch and wine this week.

Cons: I have never received so many unsolicited opinions in my life (especially re: weather, city culture, traveling, etc). As if I barely scraped by in my life before I was gifted this advice.

Let this be a reminder to me to keep my mouth shut.



Going to live-blog the rest of the move. For those who are deeply interested in how I am spending my week.

Today: slept in very late like a teenager; worked on my writing sample; got Thai lunch with my bestie; got my neck rubbed; looked around at all the boxes in my apartment; listened to some R&B remixes; read some on the internet; looked out the window; drank some water; had a headache.

Yesterday we mailed 150 pounds of books to Seattle. It was surreal.