I’ve deactivated my Facebook account. Lots of people that I never want to see again remain my “friends” on the site and that irony is not lost on me. Facebook only reinforces arbitrary markers of friendship and politesse, and my mindset does not allow me to jovially and quietly participate in a consumer-driven, badly designed form of digital media.

Not now, anyway.



So the world-famous woman-owned sex shop Babeland is two blocks from my apartment. They offer sexy classes on a variety of subjects. Chett and I are going to one tonight. It’s going to be awesome. 


Yesterday I discovered that we have a view of the top of the huge mountain just south of Seattle. In almost three weeks of Seattle life, I had yet to notice this honking ginormous lump sticking into the sky. That may give you an idea of the fog density.

Spent yesterday and most of today recovering from an intense and sudden fever and accompanying headache, throat ache, general bone ache. Chett and I are finally getting to spend some time together, and we’re watching reality TV and cooking. It’s the best. I’ve missed these moments of laziness in our hectic last month. 

Our apartment is coming along nicely. I’m a nester, so my evenings after work have been spent trimming rough edges off of collage material that I’ve hauled around since I was 19 and sticking postcards to our blank walls. 


Working downtown is nice. I get to pace around and stare at the biggest ferris wheel on the west coast, the Great Wheel (creative name, huh?). There is free coffee, sometimes we have lunch together, and I get to listen to podcasts and write snarky blog posts. This gives me a chance to catch up on all the music I didn’t listen to last year.

Maybe that will be one of my New Year’s Resolutions: listening to new music that isn’t Kanye West.


Learning more about Pinterest than I ever expected to. However, acting like an amateur journalist and conducting interviews instead of having actual conversations is really fun. Watch what you say everyone…