Nebraska gets a lot of shit. It is pretty weird. Everyone has guns and eats a lot of feedlot beef. Not to mention the incredible volume of corn. Oh my lord the corn. (Nebraska’s college football team mascot is literally a white guy in a flannel shirt and cowboy hat: a Cornhusker).

Omaha is pretty cute as far as Anytown, U.S.A. cities go. At least the part where the strip malls end and the old houses begin.  Plus Malcolm X was born here (and the KKK subsequently burned his house down. Cool.).

I start to get a little freaked out when every man that Chett and I interact with completely ignores me and only speaks to him (despite his nose ring). Plus the fact that literally every one of my cousins has gotten married/knocked up/a nice house in the suburbs in the last year. Good for them, but jeepers give me a break.

My family is also obsessed with World War II. Still. As if the lauded Allied Powers didn’t slaughter millions of colonized/brown people whenever they got the chance. Sometimes I don’t know how to have conversations with people.

I guess I’m missing my friends who know about things like cultural imperialism and heteronormativity. Can you tell that I miss the liberal arts writing center?

Chett and I discovered a kick-ass little natural foods store where, instead of just throwing near-expired product in the garbage (*cough*wholefoods*cough*), they sell items at discounted prices. Got some green juices for $3, plus some hella cheap kombucha. We’re both feeling a little on the sickly side, so probiotics are key.


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