A writing consultant just mentioned journaling. I admit that I have a terrible memory. I should journal, just like I should keep a dream diary and a biorhythmic chart. I know he’s right. I would journal on the computer since I am on the internet all day long, but I always want to talk about people that I know. Sometimes the commentary is innocuous, other times people trigger responses that should remain private. Another excuse to compulsively collect notebooks.



Been consumed by my personal statement. Decided, almost whimsily, to apply to a graduate English program in Seattle. Thinking a lot about what I can and cannot plan for when we travel so far west. Saving money. Wondering where it will come from next. 

Trying to refresh my memory of the course I taught as an undergraduate. Creative storytelling, disruption of genre, challenging the narrow confines that we try to shape words with. Why I like graphic novels, zines, democratization of publishing & literature. Too bad quality is sacrificed in this world. 

Candles Galore

Helping a friend sell candles downtown. The gentleman at the booth next to me sounds 100% like an android. Also, tourists don’t know how to read parking meters!

Good thing I brought my research bag: almonds, mate, legal pads, and 200 pages of postcolonial goodies.